bike1066 Country - Ride some of the finest motorcycle touring roads in Great Britain, arrive at one of the most iconic coastlines in the world

Hastings Traditions

Motorcycles and bikers are a massive part of Hastings tradition. Every year on the May Day Bank Holiday Monday 20,000 bikers visit Hastings to cruise, meet mates and experience the fantastic welcome offered by a spring day by the sea.

Simultaneously with the astounding motorcycle influx is the fantastic Jack In The Green event that spans the entire May Day weekend. This is when you can see Hastings at its best with traditional folk music and dancing from all over the world culminating in a spectacular parade through the town on the Bank Holiday Monday morning and a festival welcoming in the spring up on the castle in the afternoon.

May Day in Hastings is a unique experience that fuses two great local traditions - motorcycles and spring fertility rites - once seen and lived – never forgotten. In 2015 bike1066 enhances that experience even further with the Spring Opener event.

bike1066 Spring Opener – a new start to the biking season for May 2018

bike1066 Country is one of Britain’s best kept biking secrets. The spiders web of A and B roads that ebb and flow across the stunning countryside of the South Downs and the Sussex /Kent Weald span out from Hastings in East Sussex to embrace Rye, Battle and Pevensey Bay to form 1066 Country. The roads then reach out to reveal the whole dynamic and spectacular South East coastline of England from Folkestone to Brighton. Here the A23 /M23 Brighton Road in the West forms a balancing biking border to the A20 /M20 Dover Road in the East. This geographic quadrant is of course topped by the M25 in the North. It is said that where London ends the true heart of England begins. That heart is bike1066 Country.

bike1066 Country is centred on Hastings in East Sussex. Although only 70 miles from Central London Hastings and the surrounding area remains the heart of motorcycle touring heaven. Hastings is the lost gem of the South East coast visitor resorts. When you (re)discover Hastings you discover a town proud of its traditions and its own sense of distinctive identity. The fantastic biking road network around Hastings and the inefficiency of rail links has created a sense idyllic isolation that has protected the town from the vulgarity of becoming a brash London car and train commuter suburb.

bike1066 Country is not a list of proscribed routes. Every bike, every rider, every experience, demands something different from every journey. The roads of bike1066 Country are roads to be appreciated and respected. Roads that are wasted by those who focus only on how fast they can travel through them. These roads deliver untold rewards to those who have the patience, skill and tenacity to explore beyond the next vanishing point whatever bike you ride. These roads not only lead to the most iconic coastline in the world but also to the very heart of British heritage, culture and history. These roads offer surprises around every bend. Why not pick up an old fashioned map book, set your sat nav, surf the internet or do whatever it takes to get on your bike and come explore?

bike1066 - Where the Ride Begins...