bike1066 Spring Opener - Motorcycle trade & industry, charity & club booking details, fees & rents

bike1066 Spring Opener - 1st May 2017 (May Day Monday) Hastings, East Sussex Town Centre and Sea Front

bike1066 Spring Opener is fully supported by Hastings Borough Council and Sussex Police and complies with all public event safety and liability requirements.

bike1066 Spring Opener promotes the spirit of safe friendly biking to create a positive image for motorcycle tourism.

Spring Opener Map Map courtesy of Hastings Borough Council

The available trading space has been divided into 4 distinct areas: see map above.


Pelham Car Park Grass Perimeter. This car park is closed to cars on the day and becomes one massive motorcycle park with capacity for up to 4,000 bikes to park on arrival in the town with thousands more parking along the seafront and promenade areas.

The trading area is on grass between the car park and the beach giving fantastic potential for double sided exposure.

(Please note there is no trading actually in the car park as this space has to be available to the bikes and emergency access. We recommend using protective ground tarpaulins on the grass wherever possible).

AREA 1 is the premier spot for motorcycle associated traders and dealers to present their offer to the bikers as they arrive and unwind.

Available exhibition space varies from a massive 140m² corner plot to the minimum 18m² with pretty much all permutations in between.

Area 1: MAIN CAR PARK (Premium Space) RENTS & FEES

The grass perimeter of the main car /motorcycle park:
Very Limited Availability
Traders: £20.00 per m²
From minimum plot 3 x 3m (9m²) = £180.00 to Large corner plot 14 x 10m (140m²) POA
Maximum depth 5m - minimum 3m – see booking form for sample plot pricing.
Please remember - if displaying motorcycles in front of your marquee this space must be included in your plot size.

AREA 2: TOWN CENTRE – the bike1066 exhibition and entertainment hub.

Hastings Town Centre – the pedestrianised heart of Hastings – the destination hub of bike1066 Spring Opener - The pubs, fast food outlets, restaurants and coffee bars of the town centre will be the entertainment focus for bike1066.

This is a unique opportunity to exhibit the latest ranges of bikes, clothing and kit up to 35,000 bikers in a town centre setting, only a minute from the sea while inspiring the general public with a positive image of motorcycling. The town centre location also creates a great opportunity for cross over traders and ancillaries such as gadgets, clothing, insurance and breakdown recovery etc.

This area can accommodate larger displays of up to 170m² as well as several mid size (50-75m²) and many smaller exhibitors.

Area 2: TOWN CENTRE (High Footfall) RENTS & FEES

Plots throughout the pedestrianised town centre.
Excellent for large corporate exhibitions, motorcycle dealers and cross over traders.
Traders: £18.00 per m²
Minimum plot 3x3m (£162.00) minimum depth 3m maximum 5m. Also massive 170m² exhibition space POA.
See booking form for sample plot pricing. Please remember - if displaying motorcycles in front of your marquee this space must be included in your plot size.


Raising money and supporting charities is a major part of what we do as motorcycle events organisers. We understand how important it is to many bikers.

bike1066 are in the process of establishing a portfolio of local and national charities with whom we wish to build long term relationships and work in partnership with to create very special events, news of which will be announced shortly. Meanwhile we want to be fair to all charities so we have decided on a favour non policy. We will follow accepted practise and allocate space to charities on the same terms as traders but with the discretionary option of a 10% discount. This of course does not affect clubs who want to raise money for their chosen charities from stands in the Club Village.

bike1066 offer to traders and exhibitors

bike1066 events are distinctive with strong appeal to discerning leisure lifestyle bikers. We aim to bring motorcyclists together with the trade and industry in innovative ways.

bike1066 events aim to generate strong public support, repeat business and a high level of customer satisfaction.

bike1066 events offer marketing and promotional support to traders and exhibitors through internet and complimentary marketing such as on site banner advertising etc.

bike1066 events offer a fair deal on rents and fees that are competitive and cost effective for the traders, bikers and ourselves.

A trade and exhibitors price list and booking forms with terms and conditions now available.